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App By:
Innersloth LLC
2020.9.9 for Android
Required Android:
Android 4.4+

Among US MOD APK - A cooperative fantasy action game for at least five people gaming session. Users can speak here in two ways: as civilian characters or as criminals. In the first case, the hero has to count on the enemy, and not, on the contrary, to eliminate everyone, and in the second, to destroy all the common people. Either is not easy, as the game is full of random events that can fundamentally change the whole process for the first group of participants and the villain.

About Among Us MOD APK

Imagine that you are part of a space crew sniffed by an intruder who wants to destroy you all before you reach your destination. It's a very intriguing, entertaining action game, among us.

In the middle of us, we climb into a huge spaceship that has several units. At the beginning of each game, or against the line or machine, we take on a role that the rest of the characters don't know. That way, if we are intruders, we should end up with the rest of the players. When we meet them they have to click the button. With that, Latu, if we are not intruders, we must divide and try to find out who the intruder is.

Overview Among Us MOD APK

At the end of the action, a chat with all user-generated chats is displayed. Here we are going to discuss and vote on our suspect based on what we saw during the game. In addition, during the game, we can interact with some elements that are present in the dependence of the ship.

If you want the thrill of finding the culprit in every game, there is a multiplayer title among us to have a great time with friends or other users anywhere in the world.

Features of Among Us MOD APK

Before you go, check out the guaranteed features of using the shuttle during your trip. By the way, there is no importer who makes these supplements. Just read along and worry about it later.

  • Conquer the game by successfully completing each task to build your space shuttle. Or you can beat all the cheaters and kick them out of the game.
  • A traitor can sabotage your plans at any time. So all players need to react quickly and move forward as quickly as possible.
  • The administrator's map and the camera will help you keep an eye on the entire crew. Be sure to be sure of the items and always be vigilant to find any traces of the defender.
  • Soon the corpses appear. Contact your other players right away. Discuss any evidence and try to find out who the scammers are as soon as possible.
  • It is said that meetings can be held to discuss a suspicious activity or the behaviour of other players.
  • Once the verdict is reached, you can vote to remove the suspects. Make sure you make the right decision when deciding who stays and who goes.

The next tasks are seen. However, you have to download the game to know them yourself.

MOD Features

  • No ads
  • Unlock all pets
  • Unlock all hats
  • Unlock all skins

How To Download and Install Among Us MOD APK?

  • Just click the download button below, Download Among Us MOD APK
  • Wait for the file to download, 
  • Go to your File Manager and navigate your Download folder. then open it
  • Install the Among Us MOD APK file on your Android device. To allow installation of Among Us MOD APK.
  • Follow the instructions inside
  • Get started and enjoy.

What is new?

  • Caps like Miss Bug are missing,
  • Missing shop article and wrong translation.

Google Play Additional Information for App:

Among US MOD APK was just released and has become popular in few time. It has a positive rating of out of 5 stars in the Google Play Store. It is included in the Google Play Store category. This app is a lightweight application.So don't worry about space.

Among US MOD APK was developed and offered by Innersloth LLC for Android users around the world to read their favorite content in one place for free.

The good thing about Among US MOD APK is that it updates daily business episodes for the user. If you are looking for a more Latest version that you cannot find in this App, you can request that it be uploaded for you.

One thing stays in your memory is that this app is only compatible with Android devices. People using other operating systems will not waste their time downloading this application. It did not work for them. Therefore, wait some time in the future until other operating operating systems and developers develop this application. you can.