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2.20 for Android
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Android 5.0+

The original amusing mayhem sandbox game is called Amazing Frog. The home of everyone's favorite superhero, Amazing Frog?, is Swindon, UK, where he spends all of his frantic days.

Even though Amazing Frog? is Swindon's very own superhero, he occasionally causes mayhem. Ride a variety of vehicles, such as autos, jet skis, helicopters, biplanes, moon buggies, and more, throughout the city. Run over to the fully equipped fart gym to get some exercise, or jump in for a leisurely swim. The entire universe is yours to possess!

Drive vehicles or jet skis, jump from trampolines, or, for the more traditional, shoot yourself out of cannons. unlock gear, get dressed, and capture cats? and various strange things.

Not just frogs engage in criminal activity in Swindon. If you get in a boat, you can run into a dangerous shark. We advise avoiding them or, even better, directing your attention toward them.

The Swindon tourism board advises against entering the sewers if you prefer more exotic foods. (Since we are not a part of the tourism board, we strongly recommend it. They might even present "out of this world" opportunities for you.)

the authorized Amazing Frog? Version for Android from Fayju x

Amazing Frog is a somewhat insane game that features a ton of physics-based fun and is set in the beautiful UK town of Swindon and its lunar counterpart.

Drive vehicles or jet skis, jump from trampolines, or, for the more traditional, shoot yourself out of cannons. Unlock items, costumes, collect cats, and other strange things.

  • Make the Town Cleaner to Earn Swindon Citizen Points
  • Deactivate the grapple hook.
  • Battle zombie infestations in the sewer
  • You can find so many outfits.
  • Trophies and felines.
  • Discover the Magical Mystery Toilet and the Swindon Space Program.
  • Go to the MOON
  • Visit the Fart gyms.
  • Watch out for the sea life; it has some bite. Lock up the criminals or flush them down the toilet.
  • Embark on the Megladon (actually careful now)
  • Ants? Lazers? rocket launchers? Grab Handles? buses? or balloons? the remainder

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