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Android 2.3
My Talking Tom APK - An attractive toy for tablets and other mobile phones, which supports Android operating systems, is similar to the good old "Tamagotchi", where you had to take care of virtual pets, which was very popular in the last nineties. The game is more suitable for teenagers. The player's task is to raise and care for a little drunk and grow from acute, big, pool's, to a cute cat. You can play fun games that give players colorful outfits, present everything you need for your cozy home, and in your free time if not relaxed.

This design is different from the simple Tamagotchi reminder system, which is completely absent here, which means you can look after a stray cat any day and when your favorite pet doesn't. A special system for training your pet cat, the possibility of animal breeding in real-time, and a game with friends, including this application program.

The main character gets a few dozen different emotions - anger, joy, fatigue,, sigh ... there are fun mini-games that are open to all participants of the game and just help to pass the time, provide energy and a good mood. Choose special bonus coins to buy items for your happy, good-natured hero. The cat is equipped with the ability to repeat your words, which will surely make you happy. There is a special game store where it is possible to get interior details and other clothing items to please Tom.

There is a character editor where you can create your own unusual pet. This video game is not complicated, has a very clear interface, all the options are simplified to the least, allowing you to quickly immerse yourself in the game of virtual pets. There is no age limit for Android games, young children and older teens will love it. "My Talking King Tom" is a free application that supports the Russian language. All you have to do is play a few times and you can't tear through your pocket PC. Turn your cat into a real gentleman.

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