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Android 4.1

My Talking Hank APK - An unmatched analogy of Tamagachochi, where users have to take care of a four-legged friend. First, the saver was shown telling the story of a few white puppies coming to Storks on the heavenly peninsula with a white basket that was this strange pet.

Players need to look closely at their demanding pets as they have not yet reached the desired age and need constant grooming. Feeding, recreational sports, running, going to the toilet, and sleeping well - all this is necessary for Hank and you have to help him.

Her favorite hobby is cute puppy photography of mixed animals. For this reason, he always has a camera. Buying and storing a variety of toys can be of interest to islanders. Many photos with all kinds of animals are stored in a small compact photo album. If you shoot a resident a few dozen times with all sorts of toys, you will receive bonus coins. And coins may appear after new species appear.

Do not forget to feed, and the puppy can sometimes take interesting and unusual entertainment. At sunset, the little playful hero has to go to bed. You need to get a virtual pet to sleep and try to sleep. Your home is very comfortable, has all the clothes and other things for a comfortable stay. Over time, players focused on the appearance of new items and the beginnings of other land areas that were not initially available.

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My Talking Hank Apk وتقديمه بواسطة Outfit7 لمستخدمي Android في جميع أنحاء العالم لقراءة المحتوى المفضل لديهم في مكان واحد مجانًا.

الشيء الجيد في My Talking Hank Apk هو أنه يقوم بتحديث حلقات العمل اليومية للمستخدم. إذا كنت تبحث عن إصدار أحدث لا يمكنك العثور عليه في هذا التطبيق ، فيمكنك طلب تحميله من أجلك.

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