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تحميل Larry Y Zanna APK 2023

التطبيق من قبل:
9.0c لأجهزة الأندرويد
مطلوب أندرويد:
Android 5.0+

Ladies, I'm back in the game! I'm taken from the end of the 1980s straight into the 21st century by Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Don't Dry, oh my, how times have changed! Despite the fact that my 1980s worldview and ideas about women clash with current reality more forcefully than the lusciously stacked breasts of blonde jogging along a beach, I'm ready to date my way across the modern world!

In a usual "point & click" journey, I fell madly in love with Faith, Prune's boss's hot-to-trot assistant. Because even dating is done online these days, I have to focus on improving my score on Timber, the totally cool, indispensable dating app where I date women, meet their needs, and therefore gain points for my Timber profile. I always glance at a couple of fresh bikini pictures on Instagram in between; the twenty-first century is nasty little!

  • Nothing is omitted: Leisure Suit The twenty-first century is here, and Larry
  • Explore a lovingly created non-linear game world set in the modern era with over 30 hand-drawn venues.
  • You can improve your Timber score and gain Faith by meeting ladies using the in-game app Timber and a creative dating system.
  • Play a classic puzzle game and communicate with more than 30 hand-drawn characters.

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